If you are travelling with a stroller, check with your airline company if you have to put it in the hold. If you do, make your way to the “Oversize Baggage” belt to check it in. If you don’t, you can take it with you until boarding, where it will be taken by the baggage handler. If you are arriving, the stroller will be returned to you directly from the baggage reclaim belt. 

How to go through security 

You are travelling with your children and would like to know which necessary products you can take with you on the journey. Here is some useful information to help you at security:

  • Remember to remove children’s food items from your bag, including feeding bottles, milk, fruit juices, water and other drinks, baby food and soups you have prepared. Place the individual containers into the tray so that security staff can carry out the necessary checks faster and more easily
  • Liquid foods, cream, gel and paste, for example drinks, soups and syrups, may be taken on board the aircraft after being checked, only if you are travelling with a child aged 10 years or younger.

What do I do with the stroller?

  • Remove all accessories from it, such as the rain cover, games, and changing bag. Put everything into the tray and then onto the belt. Please remove your child from the stroller. You may have to carry the child. We will need to check the stroller, so please close it and ask security staff to help you place it into the x-ray machine
  • If you are departing and have checked in at Terminal 1, follow the blue “Reserved Entrance” sign. When travelling with children, this is a more comfortable entrance as there are no escalators and it is closer to the boarding area.

Five nurseries are available for little ones, equipped with cots and changing tables. They are located near Gates D01, E11, E44, before gate E51, in the Terminal 3 Departures Area, and in the corridor to the right of the information desk.

Play areas

Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Rome is offering a new service to families and its youngest passengers. ADR has created two baby corners with children’s games in the Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 Arrivals Level, the baggage reclaim area. With colourful decorations, the spaces can be found near Belt 10 just after the Terminal 3 passport controls, near Belt 16 in Terminal 1.

Family toilets

In addition to the nurseries, there are also family toilets available at Fiumicino Airport. These toilets are dedicated to parents who are travelling with children and are equipped with all comforts. Additionally, to make little ones’ time in the airport more comfortable, there are changing tables and child-friendly washbasins in the airport bathrooms.

Food and drink for little ones

In some restaurants at Fiumicino you’ll find family-friendly menus:

  • INFANT MENU: the Plasmon box from Territori d’Italia in Terminal 3 Departures (mezzanine) before security
  • KIDS’ MENUMcDonald’s in Terminal 1 Departures (mezzanine), Gusto in Pier B and D, Antonello Colonna Open Bistrò in Pier B

Additionally, some airport restaurant points have high chairs available. If you cannot see one, please ask a member of staff.

If you need to heat a feeding bottle or baby food or sterilise a dummy, simply ask for assistance at the restaurant points.

More useful advice:

  • When the aircraft is taking off or landing, help to balance out the changes in air pressure by giving your child a dummy or feeding bottle
  • If your child has a cold, get some nasal drops to help balance out the changes in pressure by administering them half an hour before take-off and half an hour after landing
  • Prepare a snack for the journey
  • Dress your child in layers to solve problems of differing weather conditions between the place of departure, on board the air plane (air conditioning), and the place of arrival
  • Your child’s feet may swell slightly due to the high altitude. We recommend that you remove your child’s shoes when on board

At the “Leonardo da Vinci” the new Wi-Fi network is completely free. It is one of the largest installations in Europe with over 1000 Access Points (Wi-Fi antennas) distributed everywhere in the terminals, in the Cargo area and in the parking areas of the aircrafts. To access it, simply select “Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and once you open the portal welcome page, choose between two types of Free WiFi:

• Super fast Free WiFi (up to 4 Mbps), accessed by installing the free official Aeroporti di Roma app, “Rome Airports”

• Fast Free WiFi (up to 2 Mbps), accessed without installing the free official Aeroporti di Roma app, “Rome Airports”

The new free ADR Wi-Fi allows enabled devices to quickly access all types of multimedia contents and services, including streaming.

The Internet access service for passengers is offered by the Airports of Rome in partnership with Fastweb and in line with the best international practices. Users then can have free and unlimited access to the wireless network and easily navigate from any device, during their stay at the airport. To access it, simply select “Airport Free Wi-Fi” network and once you open the portal welcome page, click on “Free Wi-Fi” profile.

How to connect

  • Turn on your device with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Select “Free Wi-Fi” network 
  • Choose between two types of Free WiFi: Super fast Free WiFi (by installing the free official Aeroporti di Roma app, “Rome Airports”- up to 4 Mbps) and Fast Free WiFi (up to 2 Mbps)
  • Open your browser
  • You will be automatically redirected to the home page
First aid and chemistries

Aeroporti di Roma first aid is open 24 hours a day, all year and provides medical assistance to passengers, companions and airport operators. Management of airport emergency services is supported by a centralized IT system, operative 24 hours a day and connected to seven stations located at strategic points around the airport.

Telephone +39 0665953133 – 3334

Flying at an advanced age

Most elderly passengers, as long as they do not suffer from particular diseases or severe cardiovascular complications, can travel with same precautions as other passengers.


The pharmacies are located in the T1 – check-in area – and T3 (Departures level, 2nd floor, in the shopping area).

There are also three pharmacies that do not issue prescriptions, just before boarding area D, in the foodcurt of E gates and in boarding area E51-61.

Bank, post office, foreign currency

Banks, ATMs and currency exchanges are present in the terminals and indicated on the maps and the multimedia stations.

There is a Post Office at the airport, in the Arrivals area of Terminal 1, open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Lost property

For items lost in the area before and at security check area, please call +39 06 65955253. The office is located at the T3 Arrivals Hall (next to Luggage Storage). The office opening hours are from 7am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 3pm on saturday and on sunday.

If, on the other hand, the loss occurred on airside, the area after security check, please contact the telephone number +39 0665953313. The office is located at the T3 Arrivals Hall, baggage claim area (in front of conveyor belt 11). The office is open from 7am to 11.30 pm 24h.

Prayer rooms

The multi-faith prayer room is located in Terminal 3, International Arrivals.

Smoking lounges

Throughout the airport smoking areas are available:

  • in Terminal 1 departures area on the airside, in the restaurant area (upper level)
  •  in  boarding area B, near gate B 11 and between gates B05-B07
  •  in  boarding area C, near gate C 08
  •  in  boarding area D, near gates D 02 and D 05
  •  in  boarding area E51-52
  •  in  boarding area E31-44, near gate E38
  •  in  boarding area E11-24, near gate E14
  •  in Terminal 3 departures, on the airside, in the restaurant area (upper level)